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Q:  I registered with The Agape Project, now what do I do?

A:  Completing a registration tells us that you have an interest and lets us share information with you.  You only need to register one time.  When you decide you are ready to take the next step, then go ahead and compete a sign up for a specific event.  We hope you will participate in more than one event with us.  Don't forget to fill out the forms (waivers) along the way.

Q:  I signed up to participate in a race through The Agape Project.  Do I also need to sign up with the race through the race's web site?

A:  In most cases the answer will be yes.  There are some races that do not have a fee and do not require registration.  Check the instructions on the Details page for the event you are interested in.  We do our best to provide accurate information along with the race's web site.

Q:  Where do I go on race day?

A:  We will share information with you so that you know where we are gathering ahead of the race.  The logistics will vary for each race.  We will have an area where we will meet and prepare the teams.  The meeting places will be walking distance to the starting lines.

Q:  I signed up or an event but am unable to do it.  Can I back out?

A:  Yes.  There is a Withdraw option on the Sign Up for Event page.

Q:  What if the weather is bad on race day?

A:  Our decision to cancel or run will be based on the safety of our Riders and our Runners.  We will communicate our decision as soon as possible.

Q:  What happens when the race is over?

A:  We will provide some snacks and drinks and we hope that the Runners, Riders, and families will spend a little time together before heading home

Q:  Can I post pictures of the event on social media?

A:  We want to respect the wishes of anyone that has asked us not to post their image.  If you do plan to post, please check with us ahead of time and we will let you know which participant images should not be posted.

Q:  I have a race in mind that I would like to recommend.  How do I do that?

A:  Send us an email.

Q:  I know of an organization The Agape Project could work with.  Who should I talk to?

A:  Send us an email.

Q:  Where does The Agape Project race?

A:  We currently operate in the Southeast Michigan area.

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